Fred Abascal Talk About Luxury Real Estate in NJ

Fred Abascal

October 20, 2020

Fred Abascal often wonders why people spend money on rent. When you rent you have no equity buildup, no tax break for homeownership, and limited control over housing security and cost. On the other hand, investing in a townhome lets you build equity and gives you more power over your living circumstances.

Why Fred Abascal Recommends Luxury Townhomes Over Single-Family Houses

Fred Abascal specializes in luxury real estate in New Jersey. He encourages home shoppers to consider high-end townhomes, which have the same features as larger homes without the high price tag and time-consuming upkeep.

7 Reasons Fred Abascal Says Luxury Townhome Are a Great Investment

There are many reasons luxury townhomes make a sound investment for high-quality living.

Townhomes are easy to maintain. Some luxury townhomes are as large as single-family homes, but maintenance workers handle landscaping and property maintenance. This is particularly attractive for older couples and busy professionals.

Luxury townhome communities feature lush amenities for comfortable living, says Fred Abascal. These include gyms, swimming pools, community playgrounds, entertainment areas, and superbly maintained common areas. Many NJ townhome communities have saunas and indoor pools!
Curated grounds lend serenity to luxury townhome living. Townhomes come with exquisite landscaping that owners can enjoy without mowing the lawn or shearing the hedges.

Fred Abascal highlights the importance of safety and security to older residents and families with small children. Many luxury townhome communities feature high-tech security cameras and monitoring as well as gated entrance and alarm systems inside the homes.
According to Fred Abascal, his clients love the fact that luxury townhomes also feature solar generators, remote-controlled amenities, and IoT innovations. This particularly appeals to Gen-Z singles or couples looking to live harmoniously with their technology.

Empty nesters preparing for retirement often opt to upgrade their lifestyle and downgrade their home maintenance. Fred Abascal notes that luxury townhomes require a good balance between downsizing objects that aren’t used and having enough space for treasured moments.
Developers build luxury townhomes in master-planned communities in centralized urban areas. This puts trendy restaurants, shops, and other amenities within walking distance or easy driving distance.

Fred Abascal Urges Homebuyers to Consider High-End Townhome Living

Fred Abascal points out that townhomes often develop into positive environments with friendly neighbors that may share your values and interests. Owning a luxury townhome creates prestige and gives owners an opportunity to enjoy their retirement or wealth-building years — without wasting money on rent or wasting their time on landscaping.